Opening to Traffic – Phase 1

The Province of Ontario is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Highway 407 East Project will be open to traffic for morning commuters on Monday, June 20th, 2016. The sections that will be open include Highway 407 from Brock Road in Pickering to Harmony Road in Oshawa, and Highway 412, which connects Highways 407 and 401.  In total, approximately 148 new lane kilometres will be opening, which includes 11 interchanges, 31 water-crossing structures, and 16 municipal road crossings.

Both highways will operate toll-free until the new year, allowing drivers to travel free of charge and to get used to the roads.  Tolls and fees will remain in effect on 407 ETR, west of the Brock Road Interchange.  When tolling is implemented, the new highways will be integrated seamlessly with 407 ETR. Drivers will use one transponder, receive one bill, and have access to one point of customer service for all the tolled highways.

From May 24, 2012 when the Province signed an agreement with 407EDG to the opening to traffic date of June 20, 2016, the project took just over 4 years to complete. At its peak, the project had as many as 1,000 workers and 50 contractors employed.

Some key facts about Phase 1 of the Highway 407 East Project include:

Highway 407 East Phase 1 openingThe second and final phase includes constructing Highway 407 eastward from Harmony Road to Highway 35/115 and Highway 418, which connects Highways 407 and 401.  Phase 2 is expected to be complete by late 2020, with an interim opening in late 2017.