Similar to other major highway projects, it was necessary to assemble a large amount of land to construct Highway 407. There is a well-defined legislated process for acquiring property which the ministry follows each time our work affects property owners. We understand the challenges it can pose for the people involved, and make every effort to ensure property owners are aware of their rights throughout the process.

All properties required for Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been acquired and are in the Crown’s ownership; however, the ministry continues to work with former property owners to resolve issues related to compensation.

The ministry may require access to affected properties in order to conduct field work related to Highway 407. Homeowners will be notified of such work in advance and we will do our best to minimize disruptions and accommodate any special scheduling requests.

The Ministry of Transportation is not selling materials from the demolition sites because some of those materials get salvaged and donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity and heritage property owners identified and supported by the municipality. Anything that doesn’t get salvaged becomes the responsibility of the demo contractor to be disposed, donated, or reused as they see fit.

If you wish to discuss any aspects related to property for this project, send an email via the Contact Us page.