Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) Process

In addition to addressing and documenting the approach and results of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (OEAA) requirements, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) must also be addressed and a report prepared. Please click here (PDF/36kb) to read Chapter 10 of the provincial EA Report which provides a summary of the CEAA process and here for more information, reports and materials regarding the CEAA process.

Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (OEAA) Process

A number of reports were generated throughout the Study to document each of the Study phases as they were completed. All reports were prepared in draft through the life of the Study and were finalized in consideration of stakeholder comments and concerns with the completion of the provincial Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and submission of the 407 East EA Report to the provincial Minister of the Environment.

The reports for each phase of the Study form the Reference Documents of the overall EA Report providing greater details on the approach, findings and results of each phase. The table below highlights the Chapters of the EA Report and notes the corresponding Reference Documents for each chapter as ‘key documentation’.

A complete list of the materials prepared throughout the 407 East EA and Preliminary Design Study is available in Chapter 2 (PDF/1 mb) of the EA Report.

To view the EA Report, its appendices and the Reference Documents please click:
Here to view the EA Report
Here to view the Appendices to the EA Report
Here to view the Reference Documents

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